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Squares (set of 6 coasters)

32 EUR

A set of 6 wooden coasters featuring simple geometric designs.

Our Squares are at once functional and playful, and also unique. Use them as coasters to brighten up your coffee table or create your own geometric compositions!

Each set of Squares is one-of-a-kind. The sets are carefully and individually assembled out of dozens of possible shape and colour combinations, meaning that no two sets are the same. Still, we have an included an option that lets you choose whether you would like your set to feature a moon, star or sun.

Technical details
Measuring 9.5x9.5cm each and made from 3mm thick MDF.
Laser-cut, hand screen-printed (double-coated for extra opacity), varnished and individually selected.

*The finish of a Square is as perfect as a handmade product could possibly be. It is bound to have some quirks.
**We encourage buyers to be 'surprised' by the set's unique contents. Any specific shape/colour requests can be listed down in the checkout comments. While we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted, we will try our best to fulfill it.
***Once bought, a set of Squares cannot be returned and replaced with another combination.

Lefty Le Mur is a workshop that creates simple graphic objects using simple designs. 

Our aim is to create art products that not only look great but also engage people creatively. 

The Lefty Le Mur concept was born at a co-working workshop in North-East London in 2016. In 2017 we set up our own workshop in Valencia, Spain where we hand-produce most of our items. Our first widely available range of products (Objekts) were fully funded via Kickstarter during April 2018. 

For any questions regarding stocking of our products, or simply just to say hello, please email us on info@leftylemur.com.

Thank you for visiting our shop and we hope to have you back soon! :)