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Pair of Picos

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Start your Objekt collection with the most basic and adaptable of the Objekts - the Picos! Angular yet playful, large and small, these models have the special capability of altering the colour composition of a collection just by switching between their front or back sides. In the mood for something lively and contrasting today? Choose a Pico's bright yellow side. Feeling a bit more austere tomorrow? Pick a Pico with a stark white side! Regardless of whether the Picos will be accompanying a larger collection or simply displayed on their own, the Pair of Picos is a great way of owning a pair of small and unique handmade pieces of art. 

The Objekt Start Pack contains a Large Pico and a Small Pico, each coming in 4 different varieties - Red/Blue (ie. red on the front side and blue on the back side of the same model), Red/Yellow, Blue/Yellow and White/Gold. These selected combinations are a great way of starting an Objekt collection at a greatly discounted price! 

Each Objekt is individually lovingly hand-crafted from start to finish. Made from selected cuts of sustainable beechwood. View more information about the Objekts on the Kickstarter campaign page that made producing the Objekts possible. 

Dimensions (approx)

Large Pico: 10.6cm x 9.3cm x 20cm / 662g
Small Pico: 8cm x 7cm x 15cm / 312g


*Objekts are made on order. Please allow up to two weeks for Objekts to be made for you and shipped once order is placed.
**The finish of an Objekt is as perfect as a handmade product could possibly be. Please be mindful that it is bound to have some quirks.
***If you would like to have a combo with two same colours (such as a red/blue Small Pico and a red/blue Large Pico) then please specify this in the comments when checking out. 
****The allocation of the colours vis-a-vis Small or Large Pico will be random. This means that if you choose a Red/Blue combo from the list, then we might assign red to a Small Pico and blue to a Large Pico or vice-versa, but we will make sure that you have those colours present in your combo. If you would like to specifically have a 'Red Large Pico' and a 'Blue Small Pico' (or any other desired colour allocation) then please specify this in the comments when checking out. 

Lefty Le Mur is a workshop that creates simple graphic objects using simple designs. 

Our aim is to create art products that not only look great but also engage people creatively. 

The Lefty Le Mur concept was born at a co-working workshop in North-East London in 2016. In 2017 we set up our own workshop in Valencia, Spain where we hand-produce most of our items. Our first widely available range of products (Objekts) were fully funded via Kickstarter during April 2018. 

For any questions regarding stocking of our products, or simply just to say hello, please email us on info@leftylemur.com.

Thank you for visiting our shop and we hope to have you back soon! :)