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Kubo (Objekt collection)

100 EUR

Made from 3 equally-sizes wooden cubes each with a different finish, the Kubo is a modular mid-sized Objekt that can be used differently depending on the side you choose to display it from! Combining basic geometry with simple colour designs, the Kubo brings visual balance and a certain playfulness to an Objekt collection. Available in 5 different colour combinations. Finish: slightly glossy. 

Each Objekt is individually lovingly hand-crafted from start to finish. Made from selected cuts of sustainable beechwood. View more information about the Objekts on the Kickstarter campaign page that made producing the Objekts possible. 


Kubo details
Dimensions (approx):  7.5cm x 10.6cm x 25.6cm
Weight (approx): 910g


*Objekts are made on order. Please allow up to two weeks for Objekts to be made for you and shipped once order is placed.
**The finish of an Objekt is as perfect as a handmade product could possibly be. Please be mindful that it is bound to have some quirks.

Lefty Le Mur is a workshop run by graphic artist Steven Scicluna.

Using mostly hand-crafted wood as the material of choice, Lefty Le Mur products are characterised by a simple and graphic appearance that feels playful, maybe even a little bit quirky! Most of the products are developments of Steven's artworks and are available in limited editions, with new visual editions released every few months. Original artworks including paintings, prints and sculptures are also available on occasion.

Follow us on Tictail to be notified of future editions. You can see more about the conceptual and manual processes involved in making our products on Steven's Instagram and on the Lefty Le Mur Instagram account. 

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