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Alphabeticon paintings

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A set of 4 paintings on wood (price shown per painting). 

These paintings were prepared for Lefty Le Mur's Alphabeticon exhibition which took place in London during February 2016. The exhibition explored the basic building blocks of human visual perception by means of symbolism, form and colour. 

We are now selling off 4 of the 11 paintings that were on show. These 4 paintings form a subset that were painted in black, white and gold. They specifically explore the territory between religion, sacred geometry and mysticism. 

Technical specs:

90 x 57cm
Acrylic paint on wood

Lefty Le Mur is a workshop that creates simple graphic objects using simple designs. 

Our aim is to create art products that not only look great but also engage people creatively. 

The Lefty Le Mur concept was born at a co-working workshop in North-East London in 2016. In 2017 we set up our own workshop in Valencia, Spain where we hand-produce most of our items. Our first widely available range of products (Objekts) were fully funded via Kickstarter during April 2018. 

For any questions regarding stocking of our products, or simply just to say hello, please email us on info@leftylemur.com.

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